Another Case of…..”The Customer Is Always Right!”

debbienealDebbie Neal has been a part of the King Auto Family for years.  She was a loyal Saturn customer and when Saturn closed it’s doors Debbie remained a loyal Service customer.  Not only did Debbie purchase her vehicles from us, but she also makes sure every service visit is completed at King Buick GMC. Debbie finally decided to let the Saturn go and purchased a new Buick Regal.  You will know Debbie is around the showroom, because there is always laughter where ever she is.  Her usual spot is in Bob Benson’s cubicle, but she is known to be spotted at the receptionist desk, touring the Service Department, and there has even been the rare Internet Department sighting.  Unlike most customers, Debbie enjoys the time spent at the dealership, and we enjoy seeing her, so it was a surprise when she pulled me aside and wanted to express a concern with our Service Department.  She scheduled a Service Appointment online but did not hear back from anyone. She thought it was odd, so she came in anyway.  She was told by Service that they had not received the request, but she was certain she sent it, and even showed me when it was sent.  Her concern was not about herself, or the inconvenience, but for the dealership as a whole.  How many others have done the same and did not hear back from anyone and decided to go elsewhere for service?  We looked into the issue and discovered a few links on the site had a link to our old King Pontiac Service email address that is not currently being used.  Without Debbie’s help, this may have gone on longer.  We restructured our Online Service Appointment response procedure to ensure all Service Customers are responded to in a timely manner.  Now when you schedule a Service Appointment online you will receive a personalized confirmation email, and also a phone call from our Service Dispatcher Kelly Myles! We appreciate Debbie’s help and also her continued commitment to the King Buick GMC Family without our TRUE customers we could not survive.  As we prepare to enter a new phase of the King Buick GMC legacy, we want to ensure we are listening to our customers.  We have created a new email box that can be used to relay any comments, questions or concerns to the Management Team here at King.  The email address is  Please be sure to use this email is you have concerns in regards to Sales, Service or Parts……we want to make sure our customer’s voices are heard, because the customer is ALWAYS right!


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